Ruth 2 Part 1


You’re in for a treat guys! This chapter comes in two parts…YIPEE.  We just had so much to say (and you know we talk a lot) so we thought why not serve two manageable sized portions instead of one great meal you can’t finish. Did you get that? Most of my analogies are food based because of my not so secret obsession with the stuff. Anyway, I digress.

Before you feast on what I’m about to say (won’t apologise for the food references) Don’t forget to purchase/ borrow from a library/ steal from a friend and return before they notice, a copy of our next book on the menu (Just can’t help myself)

Ok, I’ll stop the suspense. Here’s what I have to say about Ruthie.


The two lessons I learned from this chapter were:

1. Your work will make a way for you.

2. You can’t always be polite. Sometimes you have to say “yes please!” to the things God has for you.

The servant in charge of the harvesters replied, “She’s the young Moabite woman who came back with Naomi from the region of Moab. She asked, ‘May I follow the harvesters and gather grain among the bundles?’ Since she arrived she has been working hard from this morning until now – except for sitting in the resting hut a short time. Ruth 2: 6-7

If someone were to come to your manager or come to your academic adviser and ask for a report about you, would you come off as squeaky clean as Ruth? I know for one that I wouldn’t. My manager would have an abundance of good things to say about me, generally because I enjoy working so I always give it my best, but my academic adviser, on the other hand, would be singing from a completely different hymnbook. You can speculate all you like about why someone got that promotion or is liked by the management but there’s only so far that, being pretty, and charming your bosses, can take you. Boaz looked upon Ruth favourably because when he asked about her he heard how hard working she was. Most of us only want to perform with excellence when we’re being appraised but it’s the things you do when you think nobody’s watching that will open doors for you. I get it, you’re not always in the mood to pull out that finger and get to business but there’s a scripture that encourages me to work at my optimum whether I feel like it or not:

Whatever you are doing, work at it with enthusiasm, as to the Lord and not for people, because you know that you will receive your inheritance from the Lord as the reward. Serve the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:23-24

God wants to bless you because of your hard work, if you aren’t sowing any hard work seeds you can’t expect to reap a reward.

2. Stop being so polite that you stand in the way of your blessings. I don’t know about you but when I was growing up I was taught to not say yes to everything I was offered even when I secretly wanted it. Have you ever been visiting family friends and your mum wants to leave so when your auntie offers yet another round of food, before you can even answer, your mum has shot you those ‘don’t you even dare’ eyes. I think those experiences have haunted me into adulthood so much so that I find myself saying no thanks just because I think I shouldn’t be saying yes or I don’t want to look greedy. Boaz wasn’t giving Ruth a small favour, he was showering her with acts of favour and not once did she say ‘oh no that’s too much’ or ‘surely I can’t take that’. God wants to use people to bless us. Stop being an enemy of your own progress and learn to say yes!You can chuck in a please and thank you if you’re itching to be polite.

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