Lessons In Shouting


Halt! Who goes there? No…I’m playing, but seriously hold on for a second. Yes, avert your eyes. That means stop reading this page!!Wait, my bad, carry on, you don’t know what I want you to do yet. Before you read the rest of what I have to say, please read Psalm 107. Take my word for it, it’s well worth the read, left me feeling…WOW. You know when you get that ‘I serve such a good God, and I totally don’t deserve it but I’m so grateful kind of feeling’ …yeah that.

So I hope you’ve just finished reading the chapter. God is watching…(that really shouldn’t make you feel any type of way, he’s always watching) anyhoo… back to business. I was reading this and it really got me thinking. First of all, we forget how good He is. Secondly, even when we remember we wanna be all hush hush about it.

Sidenote: Am I the only one who doesn’t have an ‘inside voice’? You know how you alter your voice depending on if you’re chatting with your friend on the sofa or screaming over the music at them in a club? Yeah…I don’t do that. Not only do I have a slight case of verbal diarrhoea, everything I say is at a (I would say slightly, some would say extremely) louder decibel than the average Joe. This means that not only do I spend a lot of time being told to be quiet I’m always forcing the people that made the decision/ mistake to become my friends to listen to everything I’ve found odd/cool that week. I guess I’m just a sharer. A sharer and a shouter. But can I honestly say I’m the same when it comes to spreading The Good News…

Walking with God isn’t like having a talent that you can just brush under the carpet because you don’t want to sound like you’re too big-headed or you think you’re too nice. That whole thinking you’re nice thing really does grind my gears because why shouldn’t you think you’re nice? How can you expect others to like you when you don’t even like yourself? You actually have to live with you!! Anyway, I digress. In case you have forgotten, we serve a great God. A God greater than the best thing we can imagine. A God that promises to do MORE than we could ever ask or think. Have you ever stopped to consider just how amazing that is? Underserved love, undeserved favour, and we just want to sit down and be shy about it.

Just yesterday, I was sitting on the bus when a man gave me a piece of paper and said ‘word from the Lord’ as he placed it in my hand. I was quite impressed when I read ‘Christ has returned !’ at the top of the page, only to read further about Adam and Eve’s apparent fornication and this couple (Father and Mother Moon) being the True Parents of all Mankind. WHAT ON EARTH?!?! I say all of this to say, people are sharing what they think is the truth. Those of us who are actually following The Way The Truth and The Life (a.k.a Jesus) have got to start telling the world about it.

People ask if you’re a Christian and you respond… ‘yeah… I believe in God.’ Why not ‘yeah he’s the best thing since sliced bread and I really think you need a relationship with him’? Maybe because that’s a little too strong and they’d walk away thinking ‘WOAH,’ but who cares?! We are so careful about not coming across as too much, that we don’t actually come across at all. I should meet you and want to meet the God you serve. Do you know how much responsibility that is? Do you care? You are God’s mouthpiece. When God said ‘enough is enough I want to reconnect with me people,’ he didn’t bellow down from heaven. He sent his Son to speak on his behalf. Just in case you hadn’t realised, Jesus isn’t here anymore. If you don’t speak who will? If it’s not your job whose is it? We don’t have a shared responsibility to speak to the world about God, we have an individual one. You speak, I speak, we speak, whether or not you speak, I still speak, and vice versa. There can never be too many words about God being spoken.

If you know you don’t want to speak about God because you’re embarrassed then that’s cool. Not cool cool, you deny him he denies you, kind of disastrous, cool. But if that’s not your reason and you’re being quiet about all the good things God has done in your life because you don’t want to offend or you don’t want to boast, please remember:

Let the redeemed of The Lord say so. Psalm 107:2.

If the answer to; are you redeemed (has God saved you from darkness and brought you into his marvellous light) is yes, then say so.

You don’t need to be loud to be proud, but if you’re so quiet that no-one can hear you, how are people supposed to want to meet the God you serve?

C’mon all together now. Let’s say so!

Love from the girl with the big mouth- a.k.a Dani X

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