Events In July

Becoming the virtuous woman: pillars sculptured by palace style 12/07/14

The ‘Virtuous becoming the virtuous womanWoman’ is described in the book of Proverbs chapter
31 as the ideal woman that all young women should aspire to become. It is the role of the youth leadership therefore, to educate our young people about her qualities and advise them on how best they can become the woman that God has intended them to be.

We understand that before young ladies can truly become virtuous women, they must first acknowledge and fully understand their identity in Christ. They must be moulded and shaped by God which is why Psalm 144 v 12 describes daughters as being ‘pillars sculptured in palace style’. The programme for the day will be inspired by the foundational elements that must first be established by each lady on her way to becoming a Proverbs chapter 31 woman. We pray that this seminar will be the first of many more to come!

We hope you will accept our invitation to this free event as we believe God is doing extraordinary things in the lives of our young women!

Was the tomb empty? 15/07/14

was the tomb emptyHave you considered the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus or have you ever been challenged to do so by one of your colleagues or friends? Here is an opportunity hear about and to think through what might be the greatest question in history – “Did Jesus really rise from the dead?”.

Graeme Smith, a Judge and experienced lawyer from Manchester has written a new book entitled “Was the tomb empty?”. At this special event he will share some of his insights and provide engaging reasons why intelligent, educated people can and do believe that the resurrection of Jesus did occur. If Jesus did rise from the dead, this has huge implications for us all. Following his talk Graeme will be open to taking questions that you might have about this topic.

Hosted by Fiona Bruce MP, this event is being jointly run by The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship and Christians in Parliament. It is open to all but booking is essential.

Helen Shapiro gospel outreach 19/07/14

helen shapiroCome and hear the Good News! Helen Shapiro whose singles ‘Don’t Treat Me like a Child’,’You Don’t Know’, ‘Walking Back To Happiness’, and ‘Tell Me What He Said’, sent her soaring to international stardom. In August 1987 Helen became a committed believer in Jesus. A Messianic believer she tells of how she saw the prophecies in the OT fulfilled in the NT. She now holds Gospel Outreaches sharing her testimony with worship songs from her Gospel albums as well as her hits and concludes the evening with a powerful personal challenge.

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