Why I Started Taking Happy Pills


I could have a rant, let me take that back, I WANT to have a rant. I want to let the whole world no the root of my dissatisfaction and kick up a fuss about how fed up I am but that would be a futile expedition.

Today I made a decision. I decided to refrain from complaining forever for at least the foreseeable future. To not raise my voice when people frustrate me, to not moan about the things I cannot change and to start appreciating the things I can.

Today I ended a long term relation with my snazzy boyfriend Worry and decided to begin a new relationship with his hotter brother Fearlessness.

I will not be afraid of an uncertain future.

I will not be afraid of tricky situations.

I will not be afraid of making the wrong decision.

I will not be afraid that everything could go wrong.

I will fear no evil, because God is with me.

Paul (from the Bible) is pretty much, my hero, I imagine him really aloof and yet super serious all at the same time. The kind of guy you meet and want to be his friend whilst wanting to pick his brain and learn everything he has to offer. Today he shared (I picked up by Bible and read) another of his pearls of wisdom and let his words sink in.

I have experienced times of need and times of abundance. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of contentment, whether I go satisfied or hungry, have plenty or nothing. Philippians 4:12

The fact that some days we will have to slum it is sometimes enough to make us question God and what he has for us. You haven’t suddenly become a better Christian because you now have food on your plate or clothes on your back. You haven’t suddenly become a sinner because you’ve lost everything you thought you had. This scripture basically says: “sometimes life is crap, I’ve found the secret to not letting the pitfalls keep me down in the dumps.” When someone tells you they have a secret , even when you’re not close to them , the mere fact that there’s hidden information, makes you anxious to discover what it could be. We’ll hang on to your seats folks, I too have found the secret to hanging on through the think and thin and lumpy and disastrous and traumatic and hopeless.

Are you ready for it?

A spoonful of Christ, helps whatever medicine the world is chucking you, go down.

I am able to do all things through the one who strengthens me. Philippians 4:1

The reason that every twist and turn in my journey was knocking all the wind out of me and causing me to drag my feet was my refusal to fill up on Christ before embarking on the road ahead. I had forgotten that my strength comes from Christ and that with that strength there was nothing I couldn’t do. Who goes for a drive and expects to get anywhere far without filling up their tank. The car may be able to coast when the road is a downward slope but the minute a hill comes along the driver will soon realise that they’ve been running on empty.

I forgot that God wouldn’t put more on me than I could bear, I forgot that greater is God that’s in me than he that’s in the world, I forgot who I was in Christ and exchanged faith in the God that knows all for fear of the unknown.

So what am I saying? Spending quality time with God is more than an activity you can cross off of your to do list, it’s the necessary fuel you need for the road ahead.

Better to take a daily dosage of the word of God (a tastier happy pill) than to feel like your world is crashing down amidst every storm.

New motive: don’t worry, be happy

Love you,

Dani xx

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