Why You Can Fool Everyone Except Jesus


So I have some old news that has been new territory for me:

 What you seek is what you’ll get.

Nothing will just fall into your lap (apart from the grace of God) so it’s what you actively desire after, that you’ll end up with.

If you know me you’ll know I’m very partial to a good diet. You see, the thing is, there’s only so much weight you can lose calling yourself fat and complaining about your figure. If you want to see change you’re going to have to engage in some form of weight loss, get fit, however you want to phrase it, program for losing weight. Whether it be eating less or exercising more you’re going to have to do something. When was the last time you heard someone received ‘their pinky’ (driving licence)  without having taken lessons and passing the test? Everything we want we have to seek after (which does sound extremely tiresome to me) but good news our Lord says seek and you shall find.

At this stage I should probably mention that it would be a good idea to check the desires of your heart. You wonder why you haven’t grown in your  relationship with Christ or been a blessing to anyone? Look a little closer into your heart and you’ll probably find that they’re not top of the list when it comes to things you’re seeking after. God’s not going to bless you with things you don’t want. It’s really easy to play church and act the part but it’s the desires of your heart that guide the things you seek after. Need I remind you that God sees your heart?

This year I’ve learnt to give God my everything. That really means putting Matthew 6:33 into action. You can plan your life without God, but you’ll end up living a life without him. What I’m trying to say is, you can include God in the plans for your life but they’d still always be your plans. Don’t you want to live a life following after God? How can a sheep be leading the shepherd?

You are so precious to God and yet he grants you the dangerous gift of free will to live as you please and walk as you desire. Without sounding to corny, just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Live right. Choose Christ. Live by faith and not by sight. Literally close your eyes and let God guide the way because there’s only so much your eyes can see and you serve a God who’s seen your end before you’d even began you’re beginning.

You can say you want to be all the things you hear the other Christians say, but make no mistake: you can fool me but you can’t fool Christ. It’s what you seek after that you will get. Seek him, and you’ll have no regrets.

Dani xx

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