Why I Stopped Pressing Snooze On My Wake Up Call


I have something to confess. I’ve done something that I’m not too proud of and know needs rectifying. It may have started off innocent, but now it’s a fully fledged, calculated, decision that I keep making and keep regretting…

I have allowed my love of sleep to compete with my love of spending time with God.

I have allowed those extra 30 minutes of shut eye, to lure me into going back to my slumber after my alarm rings, instead of getting up to pray

Basically I have allowed the snooze button to ruin my life…(too far? You probable already know that I’m a drama queen but hopefully you get my point)

There is no real excuse for allowing ‘life’ to get in the way of your fellowship with your Lord, so I’ve decided to stop making them. Being ‘too busy’ to pray is not a valid excuse. Some things in our lives may seem fixed and it might feel like there’s no way to work around them but if we want something strongly enough, we can always find time to do it. We can pretend that time is the reason we aren’t where we want to be but how long are we going to allow this lack-of-time-demon, that we’re all battling, to take over and stop us from progressing in the direction we want to be going in.

How many times have you heard:

“I wish I could do some kind of exercise but I’m too busy to go the gym.”

“I want to stop buying fast food but I’m just too busy to cook”

“I would put more effort into my studies but I’m genuinely too busy to revise”

We actually allow busy to let us lose focus of what’s important in life. A few weeks ago work was pretty busy and life consisted of a lot of getting up early and getting home late, and the time I’d put in to spending time with God started to decrease and I watched my fire begin to dwindle. I think momentarily I forgot that firstly; I wouldn’t have this job if it wasn’t for Jesus, secondly, a job may pay the bills but Jesus holds my whole life in his hands, thirdly, there is nothing in this world that is a worthy contender of the time that we should be dedicating to God.

I have had my wake up call. Whenever life feels chaotic and purposeless and rather depressing, I remember that I’ve lost sight of the one thing that should consume vision.

This law scroll must not leave your lips! You must memorize it day and night so you can carefully obey all that is written in it. Then you will prosper and be successful. Joshua 1:8

To my God, who never fails me, who picks me up when I think all is lost, and welcomes me back when I’ve strayed, I’m sorry.

To everyone putting off making the changes necessary to allow God to be the centre, I implore you to start today. Tomorrow might just never come, let’s give God all of ourselves today.

Love and hugs


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