5 Ways To Not Get Fired (According To The Apprentice)


I absolutely love The Apprentice. Nearly as much as I love MasterChef, and that really makes my heart sing. I don’t know what it is about TV competitions that gets us going, but from Week 1 when we’ve decided if we’re better than the contestants, to Week 3 where we choose our favourite, all the way up onto the end where the winner is announced, we are hooked. There’s something special about the apprentice though, not just because all the contestants have to work with each other until the bitter end, The Apprentice stands in it’s own league as the show for all of us non-singing, non-dancing, under 5″7 people that don’t have legs as delicately crafted as chopsticks who aren’t prepared to master their smise in the hope of taking one good picture. (Not that I don’t love XFactor, Britain’s Got Talent, and Americas Next Top Model). As I tune in weekly, and watch people make mistakes that result in them getting the chop I’ve noticed 5 key lessons to stay in the game.

1)Don’t dream small

This has got to be number 1 on the list. There’s nothing worse then when it’s down to the final two and we finally get to hear the candidates’ business plan, only to be disappointed by the lack of adventurousness and stand-out ideas. Lord Sugar may not want to gamble all his money away but he always chooses the person that’s actually taking a bit of a risk, because their idea usually brings about the biggest return. Sometimes we get really tunnel visioned that all we see is our families and the success we want to have in our careers. God is trying to tell us to dream bigger and impact the masses but we ignore this in favour of focusing on our individual dreams and desires. How can we fulfil all God has for us, when we’re only focused on one small section?

2)Get on well with your teammates

One competition you can’t win if you lack people skills is The Apprentice. A sure road to getting brought back into the Board Room is refusing to listen to anyone’s opinion but your own and not following the instructions of the Project Manager because you don’t agree with them. Once people forget that each week they aren’t in competition with their team mates, but need to work together to win the task, the whole mission goes downhill. You can see the importance of getting on with people in church. Even if we forget that God tells us to love each other which means showing them respect, listening to their opinion, putting them before our ourselves, as a church we are supposed to be one body of Christ, so we have no choice but to work with each other in one accord.

For just as the body is one and yet has many members, and all the members of the body – though many – are one body, so too is Christ. 1 Corinthians 12:12

3)Stop arguing with Lord Sugar

Have you seen how infuriated Lord Sugar gets when he’s trying to tell someone how awfully they’ve performed in a task and they take it among themselves to interject all the way through his speech? I’m always cringing at my TV thinking shh and just take the grilling, and yet I have the audacity to do the same thing with God. He’ll be giving me instructions that aren’t my cup of tea and I’ll be interrupting trying to get God to agree to my terms and conditions. Non-sensical of what?!

4)Focus on the bigger picture

The amount of candidates that shoot themselves in the foot because they aren’t interested in the business are that that weeks task is focused on is unbelievable. We aren’t always going to be enthralment by every task that a God wants us to complete but we shouldn’t forget that we’re on one long joiner and every step takes us closer to fulfilling out destinies. You might be pursuing a champagne and caviar lifestyle and God wants you to take a year out to run orphanages abroad but that doesn’t give us the right to spend that entire year grumbling and doing life half heartedly. Life’s too short to check-out and not be interested on each and every day that God blessed us with.

5)Know why you were chosen

It happens all the time. People feel confident in their abilities until they’re put in a room with people who possess even bigger personalities and appear to be much more capable. We can’t allow our insecurities to stop us from having our voices heard and pursuing the things we want to achieve. A lot of the time on the Apprentice, it’s the candidate with the most quiet voice that makes the most sense, but they’re too afraid to push their ideas through. To everyone who feels they are lacking that special something to make themselves stand out, God thinks your perfect. Of course you have flaws but you can so all things through Christ that strengthens your. Your weaknesses are made perfect in Him.

Just like The Apprentice, we are all on our way to pursuing our dreams. Let’s not limit ourselves by dreaming small or get thrown off track by petty arguments with the people around us. And just so you know, God isn’t in the habit of firing people. God will walk with you every step of the way to you fulfil all you are created for.

Love lots,

Dani xxxx

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