What Happens When Your Plot To Kill Your Father Fails?


We have an insatiable urge to know what the future holds. Whether it’s paying extortionate amounts to hear from a fortune teller, joining the queue to speak to a prophet, or grabbing one of those Spoilers mags, if there’s something claiming to reveal what’s on the horizon then we’re oh so eager to find out. I used to be in this clan, not so much when it comes to entertainment (if you tell me the ending of a book/film before I’ve finished reading/watching I might just explode with momentary I fury) but when it comes to life, I’ve spent many a long tube ride wondering what will happen in the days, months, and years to come. (Just me that does all their thinking on the tube?)

It usually starts contemplating the present day, evaluating the goings on of the hours since breakfast, and mulling over what needs to be done before bed. At this point I look up and realise I have quite a few more music-less (don’t know where I’ve placed my iPod) and entertainment-less (I’ve been forbidden from reading the book on my dresser till my book club partner gets a copy) stops before home. So the pondering continues and my mind wanders through the rest of the week. Before I know it, wondering what I’ll have for dinner has become..

When will I get married?

How many bedrooms do I want in my dream house?

Will I ever move abroad and buy a house on the beach?

What if I don’t ever find a job I love?

Will the 40year old me have lots of regrets?

And the morbid continues…
What was a perfectly happy tube journey has left me downhearted as my questions go unanswered and the future remains uncertain. Can anybody relate? We get so focused on the future that the present just passed us by.

So then, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

We have every reason to plan our lives with the future in mind:to save for a rainy day, and to delay present gratifications for future rewards, but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to become so fixated on what is to come that we forget to appreciate what is here now.

Cheers to enjoying the moment and to living in the now!

Hugs and kisses,

Dani xxxxx

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