Why Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

too many cooks

Have you ever had a really important decision to make?

Sorry that was a stupid question.

Of course you have.

I hate making decisions with a passion. I’m not sure when I became aware of my indecisiveness, but hand on heart, this little trait of mine annoys me very, very much. I spend hours in Tesco wondering the aisles unsure of what to get; even sending my sister to the shop to get food for me takes about 20 minutes of intense discussions and a further discussion via text once she’s left the house. Since I struggle to make little, inconsequential decisions, you can imagine how much I wrestle with the big, life-changing decisions… you know, the kind of decisions that have the power to change your life course: the decision to put my heart in another’s hands, which university I should apply to, whether to take a job or not, *insert life event here*.

So last week I had a decision to make. Actually, that’s untrue. I’ve been trying to make this decision for a few weeks now. I needed answers and I wanted them as soon as possible so I began to ask around.

 “Heyyy  Harriet, what do you think of …”

“Mel, what should I…”

 “Fred… I’’ve got something to tell you…”

Every single person yielded a different response which meant that by the time the week had finished, I was still in the place that I had started. The only difference was that I had 10 different voices in my head giving me conflicting directions.

I think what I learnt last week is that while it is important to seek counsel, you can’t seek it from every trusted friend you have, especially before seeking God about it. I know waiting on God for a response is difficult because He doesnt respond when and how we want – he does things when he is ready; he cannot be manipulated or persuaded by our arguments. Also, he doesn’t have Whatsapp so we don’t know if he’s actually gotten our messages. Despite this, it is crucial that we wait on Him faithfully and make sure that the voices of our friends do not become louder than His.

All my love and Happy Monday!!

Joy xxxxx

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