What 2014 Taught Me/18 Rules for 2015


I can’t believe the year has passed already! Firstly, I’ve got to say a big THANK YOU to God; no day is promised and yet I have managed to hold 365 of them. I can’t remember most of the days, only moments. How do I sum up the lessons I’ve learnt this year? Where do I begin?

I want to be honest with you: I didn’t really like this year. It has been like Dani’s: bittersweet. Here are the top four lessons (it’s really just one lesson I refused to learn)

1) Your job is not security

When I lost my dream job and my account dried up, I realised that I couldn’t trust my job to keep me safe. During this season, God showed me that He was my provider.

2) Your friends are not your security

The team, the clique, the squaa, the fam, whatever you call them. They are human just like you and they will let you down. I’m lucky to have some of the greatest friends on the planet and yet, they still let me down this year. I’m sure I let them down also. During this season God reminded me that He wanted to be number 1, not number 23.

3) That guy you’re kinda/not really/sorta/maybe/sometimes seeing isn’t your security

He is just a man, he is not your saviour. In this season, I learnt that love doesn’t give up: it perseveres. Through the good, the bad, the ugly, when everything is falling apart, love keeps going. Love doesn’t throw in the towel during the ugly; it stitches up the towel and covers the wounds on both sides. People say ‘if it hurts, it can’t be love’ but I think we only have to look to the Cross to realise that love can hurt; love is sacrificial, love is looking beyond imperfection, looking beyond flaws and still seeing what could be.

God: the Security Guard.

The One that never left. Through all my trials, there was an overarching lesson that kept returning: God is number One. Jobs came and went, people walked away but He never left. Every time I depended on something more than Him, it was taken away. They say a lesson will repeat itself until it is learnt. It is December 31st, it has taken me all year, but I can finally say that it is just Us. I trust Him to get me through; I depend on Him for life because He is life itself.

Instead of resolutions, I decided to create some rules for 2015. I thought I’d share some of my rules for 2015 with you (they are all said in my voice, to myself…putting that out there in case you think I’m being harsh with you lol)

1) Face your fears

Climb that 15 ft tree, ride that horse across the beach, apply to that university you’ll ever get into, do whatever, just stop being so damn afraid. Your heart beating faster at the prospect of doing something new? That’s a good thing. You are finally outside of your comfort zone.

2) Stop over-thinking

You won’t understand everything. There are things in life which are to be accepted, not understood.

3) Stop overeating

Eat slower, eat smaller, you are not as hungry as you think you are and being tired/wanting to collapse after eating is NOT NORMAL.

4) Spend more time with Jesus

This is very important. At times you won’t be bothered but do it anyway, it is for your own good. This is the most important relationship you will ever nurture; stop neglecting it for a lie-in.

5) Spend more time with your parents

They are amazing people who actually enjoy your company. Your relationship with them will only become as deep as you let it.

6) Remember how far you’ve come

Remember what you’ve had to get through to get here and stop doubting ability to jump over hurdles.

7) Be kinder to yourself

At times it will be easier to revert to your default setting and tell yourself that you’re worthless. Instead, feel free to tell yourself how amazing you are: that you are a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9), chosen (John 15:16), called (Isaiah 43:1) and loved (Isaiah 43:4). All that negative talk isn’t healthy and to be quite honest, it’s getting old. Cut it out.

8) When things fall apart, hold onto God

That thing you did in 2014 where you stopped talking to God because you didn’t understand what was going on was really, really dumb. Don’t do that this year. God has a plan (Romans 8:28), fall in line, pray through your questions and TRUST.

9) Learn how to cook things that don’t involve chicken

Your chicken fetish is sooo last year. This year, try some duck, some fish, some beef. And try not to eat as much rice.Throw in a salad a few times a week.

10) Be kind to those who can give you nothing in return 

Stop walking past the people God told you to love and protect. Give to the homeless in any way that you can. It’s not okay to only remember them during the Christmas period; there are eleven other months in the year.

11) Reach out to people who have been silent for a while

Life is too short to have imaginary squabbles over insignificant matters with the people you love.

12) Love appropriately

Love. Love always. But love appropriately. Guard that precious thing in your chest, stop giving it away and forgetting the fight and the pain Jesus went through to get his hands on it. Love with wisdom.

13) Actually pray for the people you say you’re going to pray for

Write a list and remember them. Bring their concerns before God because that is what friends do.

14) Read more books and articles. Learn about the world outside of you

It’s time to stop looking gormless during certain conversations.

15) Study the Bible

Read it more this year and buy comprehensive study Bible. The Bible app is cool but limited, Start looking at the historical context remembering that the Bible is:

 “…66 individual books run the diverse gamut of writing styles, (poetry, history, biography, church teachings, letters), and those books have dozens of authors; from shepherds, to prophets, to doctors, to fishermen, to kings..”

16) Let God and time reveal it

If it’s meant to be, it will find itself to you and become yours. Stop freaking out and trust the process.

17) Guard your time

Sometimes say no, sometimes admit you’re tired, sometimes guard your time.

18) Thank God

Even before your prayer is answered.

These are some of rules. What rules will you be adding to your list? Let me know!!!

All my love,

Joy xx

A very Happy New Year to you and yours. Thank you so much for reading the blog this year. Dani and I were slightly scared that no one would read this blog when we began this journey back in March but I’ve got to thank God that you actually care about what we have to say! Thank you for walking with us. We appreciate you, God bless you. Dani&Joy xxxxx

3 thoughts on “What 2014 Taught Me/18 Rules for 2015”

  1. Rule 19 – Count your blessings. Don’t forget what God has done, how you’ve been rescued and sustained. Don’t be an ingrate!!

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