I’d Rather Die Poor Than Live My Life Without You.


Have you ever looked at celebrities or watched Made in Chelsea and wondered what it would feel like to have lots of money. Not necessarily to earn it, but to check your account and see enough money to buy flashy cars, houses, and bags that cost thousands, all in one day if you felt like it. Forget the work life imbalance that comes with most careers that will make you ‘rich’ and just imagine being knee deep in wealth and long haul all inclusive holidays with occasional trips to the moon. Ok I’ve taken it too far with the moon but you get my point. As a child I used to day dream of my life with added grandeur to the point where I thought the royal family would knock on my door, thank my parents for looking after me, but insist I live the rest of my life in the palace as a princess. (You can tell I liked to dream big).

Inevitably I got older. The people I idolised didn’t seem happy. Celebrities were going in an out of rehab and millionaires were diagnosed with depression. I arrived at the logical conclusion that we all preach and secretly don’t believe:

Money doesn’t make you happy

We have to create a new aim so we swap the desire to be rich with the desire to be comfortable. We stop thinking about having the kind of money to drive lamboguini’s and own mansions in every country that we like to holiday in, and start thinking about a stable job that pays enough to buy a house big enough for our immediate family. We can’t live in designer items but we can pay for music lessons and sports clubs and yearly family holidays. Well and truly comfortable.

You do realise that we’ve just remixed a statement we just rejected?

Enough money makes you happy

Is that really what we want as our mantra? When does enough become enough? I plan my career around this medium sized house and dance lessons for the kids, and being able to afford Disney Land, but where do I draw the line with enough? Of course I’ll end up wanting more as I earn more, but if we’ve already dismissed that having money makes you happy then who says I’ll feel any better living the life of comfortable?

Better to have little, with fear for the LORD, than to have great treasure and inner turmoil. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭15‬:‭16‬ NLT)

Everything clicked. I could continue focusing all my energy on earning more and more money with the far-off end goal of achieving happiness, or I could refocus my mind on my relationship with Christ.

I’m not saying don’t pursue a well paid career in any way shape or form,in fact I’m a big believer in ambition. Just make sure you have your priorities in check. We won’t ever earn enough that we won’t have to trust God to get us through life.

If money won’t make you happy you might as well ditch that rat race mindset for pursuit of the God that can.

Love you like warm chocolate brownies and ice cream

DC xxxx

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