How I Racked Up A Million Pound Debt


I have never really fully understood the concept of credit cards. I think it’s a bit strange that we live in a society that pretty much depends on credit and as citizens we are even encouraged to avoid purchasing items with our hard earned cash and pushed towards spending with the bank hand outs if we ever want to have a good enough credit rating to buy life’s necessities like a house. Strange. The amount of people I know that have to put all their monthly outgoings on their credit cards just to pay it all back at the end of the month makes me question the long winded way of spending that we’ve become accustomed to just because everyone else is doing it.

I’m not too sure if it’s the possibility of spending money that you don’t have that grinds my gears or the fact that now you owe someone something, but the concept of owning my own credit card has always left a funny taste in my mouth. I’m a big believer in living according to your means and not having to ask for outside help in order to support a level of extravagance that you don’t need. Every time I slip into overdraft I can’t shake the ‘I’m living in debt feeling’ which rests on the annoyance I feel for not being able to make it through the whole month on my own wage.

Maybe it’s the inability to be self reliant that underpins it all. I rarely include people in my plan for doing something and generally will only ask for help once I’ve exhausted all the options where I can complete the task myself. It’s probably driven by a smidgen of pride and a double dosage of lack of trust for people but the thought of having to rely on someone for something I need doing doesn’t fill me with faith that I want will come to pass.

Every year when good Friday comes around however, my sentiments to living a life on credit slip away as I realise how indebted I am to my Lord Jesus Christ. We literally lived a sin filled life before we came to acknowledge that so many years ago Christ came to take all that on the cross with him, crucified for the sins he hadn’t committed. With the penalty of sin being death and the fact that we wake up every day living by the grace of God, every day breathing is living on borrowed time.

It’s astounding when you think about it. Just how great God is and just many I owe you ones we’d have to write for what Christ did for us. Words can’t really express how grateful I am for the love of God and the expression of it that gives us a yearly Good Friday.

My father, I thank you.

Your loving daughter,

Daniela x

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