Do You Know Why You’re Alive?


We are a generation enslaved to routines, traditions and culture. We are so caught up in living our lives according to the rules and regulations endorsed by the success of others. We love easy formulas that will guarantee some attainment if we ‘just stick to the plan and follow through’, but life does not work that way. Life expects you to know what is propelling you forward, what is keeping you sane, what is enhancing your journey and what is giving you hope for a future. I very frequently ensure that this is kept at the forefront of my mind to ensure that I am adhering to and fulfilling my purpose, and not his or hers.

If purpose is the reason for which something is done, created or for which something exists then it is important for us to know what ours is. You are probably expecting me to provide you with a step-by-step approach to finding your purpose, or tell you how I found mine. But the truth of the matter is: your purpose is embedded in the reason you get out of bed every morning. I cannot tell you what that is, or what it should be, however whatever it is must not only motivate you, but challenge your intentions.

Purpose should inform all of your life decisions: what you study, where you choose to live, who you stay connected with and even what you do with many of your holidays and weekends. It should demonstrate what is important and what is not. However, realistically most of us are completely clueless when it comes to what we want to do with our lives, who we want to be and where we want to be. Even after we finish school, university or after getting a job and making money, some of us still do not know what our life’s purpose is.

Stop thinking that it is an issue, because it is not. It will become clearer as the days, weeks, months and years pass.

We exist for an undetermined period of time. During that time, we do important and unimportant things. The important things give our lives meaning, whilst the unimportant things literally just kill time that we will never get back. What are we wasting our time doing? So many of us find ourselves doing the things we are just merely good at, just because we can. However, we need to stop deceiving ourselves and selling ourselves short by indulging in the things we were not created to be doing. You can sing? That doesn’t mean you need to become a singer. You can draw? That doesn’t mean you were created to become an artist. You can do make up? That doesn’t mean you must become an MUA. God has planted in us so many gifts and talents, but we need to hone into the ones that add value, and focus on that. Before aspiring to become a Journalist, I once wanted to become a Solicitor. Sometimes we need to understand who we are not, before we can truly grasp who we are and what we are supposed to be doing. I am not saying that I have got it all figured out, I am still learning about my purpose, and the necessary sacrifices I need to fulfil it.

What do people come to you for?

In order to find your purpose, ask yourself the above question. Your purpose is validated by the feeling of complete peace and joy. Dig deeper, let God direct you and search within. To find your purpose is to be free at last, but if we do not know what we are looking for, we will never find it.

Love Yolanthe xx


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