Spain Taught Me The Connection Between Wifi And God

There are some things in life that go without question when you’re making a list of life’s necessities. Food comes right up there, whether you eat to live or live to eat, we’re all aware that we need food to sustain are bodies in carrying out our daily activities. Sleep follows shortly after, even if you’re one of those ‘I don’t need sleep to function’ types, like myself, a few weeks of sleepless nights is very likely to result in that familiar crash and burn. Finally, creeping up in importance is wifi. 

Sadly, I’m not joking. Phone contracts with unlimited data have become a treasured memory, and what’s a relationship in 2015 without iMessages, Whatsapps, and Snapchat. Texts and calls have become a last resort for when the tick hasn’t turned blue on a whatsapp message you’ve sent, or when someone is adding moments to their story but hasn’t replied the personal snap you sent them of how yummy your breakfast was that morning, or how much regrowth you’ve acquired since taking out your braids, or a demonstration that you’ve finally mastered twerking. Let’s forget keeping in contact with friends, how would we ever get to our destinations without the bus app telling us the bus is due so running to the bus stop would be a good idea?! Internet connection powers so much of our lives it’s quite difficult to imagine a ‘happy’ life without it. You can imagine my distress when I arrived in Mallorca and discovered my hotel was not supplying free wifi but set the extortionate price of €6 per day of connecting with the outside world.




Yes, I was being dramatic, (I’ve been a drama queen for too long to take off my crown now) but the lack of wifi did cause a slight panic and mild faintness. How would I tell my mum I’d landed safely? How would I speak to my boyfriend? How would I upload all the snaps highlighting all the fun I was about to have?

For 24 hours every activity was tainted with a distant longing to reconnect with the people I’d left behind in the UK. The next day I noticed a wifi sign stuck on the window of a bar that was a little walk away from the hotel, and life in Mallorca suddenly had a sparking silver lining. Everyday my holiday buddy and I made our plan for the day ensuring no day went past without us squeezing in a good wifi session. 

One morning it hit me. Imagine I actually went to such lengths to speak to God. Walking to get wifi meant a 15 minute hilly walk in the scorching 36 degree heat, but I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of speaking to my loved ones. When the signal was bad I’d try every nook and cranny of the bar to get my messages to send, and I wouldn’t leave until I felt like I’d had a good catch up. Yet every morning I copped out of making the effort to connect with God.

I had to think.

Why don’t I treat connecting with God with the same importance as connecting with people? Why do I give up when I feel like I’ve become distant from God? Why have I stopped searching for ways to improve my connection with God? 

We start to feel like maintaining our relationship with God has become more difficult but do we combat that with the determination to keep the relationship on track? It won’t always be plain sailing walking with God, but we have to be prepared to fight for an ever stronger connection with Him. The first hurdle might be waking up, and the second may be singing a song of praise, and then we may have to muster the energy to open our Bibles, but it’s all worth it in the end. It worries me that I wouldn’t feel as distraught not having my Bible for a week as not having phone signal, so this week things have to change. This week I’m going to contact God before I reach for my phone and make every effort to stay close to him.

For everyone struggling to find the will to pray, you are not alone. Getting close to God might be an uphill struggle but at the top of the hill, spending time in his presence will be worth every sacrifice you made to get there.

Love lots,

Dani xxxx

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