Why You Should Beat The Battle Against Procrastination 


Over the years I have carefully perfected the art that is procrastination. Some of you reading may chuckle at this point and argue ponint blankly that procrastination is not an art form but I beg to differ. It really does take a certain kind of skill to continue putting off tasks when a deadline is looming ahead, and if you are ever in the vicinity of a chief procrastinator, the outcome is usually quite thought provoking. Well maybe it’s just the procrastinator who ‘s left thinking and kicking themselves that they’ve allowed themselves to leave everything to the last minute again. Either way, someone is pondering and evaluating the effects of procrastination. 

Right from the jump I have been putting off doing tasks that didn’t sound appealing. I remember being 4 years old and closing my eyes on the sofa so my parents wouldn’t feel the need to order me to bed because they’d think I was already asleep. A few years later I was delaying doing my chores, before moving onto avoiding homework which soon became avoiding doing the set trading for my degree. The list goes on, and with it begins a long list of consequences. Every year of my degree when I’d just finished a week of less than 2 hours sleep per day, I’d promise myself that I wouldn’t procrastinate the following year but yet find myself in the same predicament. It’s quite sad when it stops me from achieving things I desperately want to happen. Why must I wait till I’m too scared to get on the scale because all my clothes have become extra tight before I stop eating cake for breakfast and pizza for dinner?! I have let my inability to get things done unless they’re desperate to stop me from making life easy for myself. Recently I realised I have been procrastinating with my purpose and have decided that change has got to happen. 

A long time ago I felt like God told me what I was supposed to be doing with my life, and since then I have left it on the back burner to the point that I owe God an apology. Initially, my excuse was that I was too young and I would get started pursuing God when I got older. As I’ve gotten older the excuse has been, I’m too busy with my 9-5 to get started trying to pursue the job God has for me, whilst recently I’ve felt too unworthy to possible do the work of God and have left a note on my purpose that reads ‘revisit when holy.’ Whichever excuse I give, it all comes down to procrastination and feeling like tomorrow I can make a start tomorrow which as we all know, never comes.

Enough is enough. I wasn’t ‘worthy’ of my purpose when God gave it to me, and I’m no more ‘worthy’ now. We do not earn our purposes and our daily acts don’t make us any more holy than the next person. It’s the Christ in us that makes us righteous and nothing we can do will make us more worthy in God’s eyes. So where does that leave me?

If I’m ever going to walk in my purpose I’m going to have to make the sacrifice that my love for procrastination has stopped me from making. Some things just have to happen now, and surrending all to God and pursuing him wholeheartedly is one of those things. For everyone who is delaying doing that thing you know you should be doing, put your phone down and do it now. Don’t let laziness rob you of your time and don’t let how you see yourself rob you of your purpose. You may not be perfect but run with your scars and God will heal you along the way.
Love lots

Dani xxx

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