What To Do While You’re Waiting For The One

I for one, hate waiting. I hate waiting for the bus, waiting for people to finish their sentences and waiting for people to arrive at the time we’ve both agreed to. Call it contradictory but I wouldn’t call myself impatient; I don’t believe in get rich schemes and I’ve given up on fad diets, my only issue is waiting for things that don’t have to take a long time to come. I have downloaded the bus app for a reason so why am I still waiting for buses when technology is so advanced it can predict exactly when they should be arriving?! Waiting for people to turn up comes a close second in the amount of frustration it causes. It would come first but with my track record of lateness, it would by quite hypocritical to put it first. The reason waiting for people grinds my gears is not because their train was delayed or that there was a lot of traffic, but because they didn’t leave their house with enough leeway time to account for all these delays. In other words, it could be avoided, in the same way thinking before we start our sentences would avoid long pauses thinking of words that the other person (usually me) feels the need to interject.

Ok, rant over!

It’s fair to say that sometimes we are in control of our waiting time: the longer we put off taking action, the further away our goal becomes. You may be trying to get organised but buying a diary keeps slipping your mind. The same applies to getting fit and attending the gym class you keep signing up to. Occasionally, there is a very easy fix on our behalf and suddenly that thing we’ve been waiting for no longer remains out of reach. But what about everything else that we are wondering when the arrival time is, the things that no amount of effort can bring about sooner? The most frustrating thing to wait for, because you maintain hope that it will come, but have no clue when or how, is no, not the wait for the partner of your dreams to arrive in your life,but the wait for everything God has promised you to happen.

Waiting for God can take its toll on a girl like me who is adversed to waiting for buses. Do you struggle as well? You are 100% sure you heard God on a matter, at least you were when you first heard it, but now that’s it’s taking so much longer than you anticipated to arrive, you are not so sure whether it really was God. We’ve heard it all before “good things happen to those who wait,” and “you’re delay is not your denial” but that doesn’t help you deal with how it feels to wait in anticipation for something you can see no signs of happening.

Do you know when God told Abraham he was going to have a child? Do you know when Sarah conceived?

What about when God first told the Jews he would send the Messiah? Do you know how many years later Jesus was actually born?

Some of us have lost all faith in God because that thing he said he would do still hasn’t appeared, and instead of making progress towards the end result he promised, it seems you are moving further away. What can I say?! God doesn’t work in mysterious ways (and that phrase isn’t actually anyway in the Bible). God does things in his own time and in his own way. The order of events you have imagined need to happen in order for the words God has spoken to you to become true, probably won’t happen how you thought.
So what to do?

1) Keep thanking God in advance for everything he has promised
(Have a read of Romans 4:13-25, literally mind blowing)

2) Stop trying to figure out the how and wait for God to reveal the next piece of the puzzle

God said:

My ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:8

(Read verses 9-13 to be mind-blown some more)

3) Think about what can you actively do to help someone else in their walk with God

We get so focused on the ‘I’ we easily forget about each other , and our brothers and sisters in Christ should be at the forefront of our minds. Stand in prayer for someone else to see the things God has for them!

If God said it, he’s going to do it. I can promise you that!

Happy Monday!

Dani xxx

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