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We know that life as a young Christian isn’t walk in a park – if you’re finding that it is, you’re probably not doing it right. There are big decisions, little decisions and in-between decisions that we all need to make during our time on this side of eternity. Sometimes we get them right, other times, we aren’t as successful.  Sometimes we find ourselves running with God completely liberated, on other days, we may not find the time to read our Bibles. That is the real.  And that’s exactly what we hope to be here: real. We try not to hold back and paint a perfect picture of our Christian walks; instead, week by week, we document our thoughts, the moments that change our perspectives, the times our faith is tested and the ways in which Jesus shapes and moulds us into the young women He has destined us to become.  We are open and vulnerable, hoping that our lessons and stumbling blocks will help you in some way or another, and close whatever gap you may feel is between you and Christ.

We have an events page which has all the current Christian events happening in London and if you’re looking for some new Christian music, we also have a section where you can vibe to what we are vibing to and find music that we hope will edify you.

Welcome to our journey, we love you already!

Lots of love,

Dani and Joy xxxx



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A bit about yourself maybe? Why you wanna write?


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US (again):

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