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image1Hi, I’m Precious Lara.

I’ve been blogging since 2012, I love to write as its frankly the best way I express myself. I have a desire to encourage and inspire through my own experiences while going through life’s journey while allowing people to have a different outlook on life contrary to what the world/media says. I simply couldn’t do this life without my Father, My Lord. I’m simply an ordinary girl trying to live life to the full, whilst using my gifts and exploring my passions. As well as writing I am also a singer in a Gospel Girl group called HIS and a designer; my label is called Lara. I also love anything artsy and photography! Find me here…



I remember the first time I encountered Christ in November 2011, the day that I cried out for his grace, his mercy and his protection. I remembered the joy I felt when I was in his presence.  The release of pain, heartache and anger.  As a little girl, I always had this notion that I was a fragment of broken pieces, empty promises and misleading trust.  And through knowing Christ, all those little pieces began to slowly slip away. I’m not claiming to know about everything neither am I claiming to be a masterpiece. I am far from that. But I am claiming to be willing to be open and share my experiences with you all. Love, Esther x

perfect piece photo
My name is Jude Adoasi, and you can catch me on the Playlist Worthy page. I create and love music, film, and all else in between. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister, so I’m not sure I know what quiet is. I have NEEDED music to drown out the chaos that comes with so many siblings, you can trust my opinion.

I am always asking questions, laughing or doing something in relation to music. My escape haven is my Keyboard, it is one of the only things that will not expect me to justify or explain myself. I live by the motto “no regrets” and look for the lesson embedded in everything I encounter; these daily lessons are some of the many things I write about, and love to share with others. Before I forget, my name is Yolanthe but some call me Yola, Tay or Yole. As you read my posts I am sure you will begin to see more of my heart and who I am. Find me  at:

20150429_182803Hey, my name is Rupert but people call me Rups, Rupee or Rupa! The three words that best describe me are introverted, creative and strong-minded. I simply couldn’t live without my keyboard and my guitar. My favourite scripture is Romans 8:38-39 which says “for I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, not anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord”. I am really looking forward to sharing with you all! Find me at: 

FullSizeRenderMy name is Bianca Stella and I am a 20-something year old lass who loves food (mostly the eating part), is always daydreaming (primarily at work), buying-things-I-will-never-wear and stalking-natural-hair-gurus-on-Instagram. My fave Bible verse has to be Matthew 6:26-27
(perfect since I’m also a severe worrier/panicker!)

FullSizeRender (1)I am a MSc student reading Global Public Health & Policy and currently building my next steps. My degree has widened my view and influenced the way I think; I am sure this will come through as you read! I sing, I am a ‘right brained’ creative undercover as a ‘left-brained’ science-head, I love every rom-com, good food and God bring me overflowing joy and I can rap on command! (last ones not serious, but I can do a mean Jay Z!!)

I will analyse and dissect and I may be long winded at times (can you tell haha!) but stay with it, there will be gems that I’m hoping will encourage you and remain with you. Typically, I hate speaking about myself but I love sharing my story and the lessons I’ve learnt in life so far! As I write and get over the former I hope my posts and the other posts on the PP will challenge and uplift you as you read.

Aren’t they wonderful?!

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