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Why Christian Reality TV Isn’t That Bad

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about these “Preachers of…” series. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re bound to find it online somewhere: there’s been ‘Preachers of LA’, ‘Preachers of Detroit’ and most recently, ‘Preachers of Atlanta’.
Some might think it’s weird. What’s the point? Why would Christians even want their own reality show? If you HAVE watched them, the idea probably seems even more absurd.
Even Gospel Singer/Minister Donnie McClurkin has been known to speak out about how appalled he is about these types of shows, stating that it highlights Christians in a negative light as the shows are “entertaining for the wrong reasons”. Although he makes some good points, I mean, I can’t agree with all of the points he made anymore.
It’s just a shame that because of the wrong one or two people do it makes the whole thing look bad. I think it ultimately depends on the intentions behind the show, whether it was to make Christians look like clowns or to really highlight some of the good things Christians are doing for God and the kingdom.
Here are my two cents as to why it isn’t ALL 100% bad; there are some hidden good things about shows like these. Here are a few:
1. The good behinds the scenes
I can’t deny there’s a lot of craziness, a lot of drama that occurs possibly for the purpose of entertainment. But despite some of the craziness that happens, arguments between the pastors, and family issues, it’s interesting to get a sneak peak into these well-known people’s lives (for the good stuff). Some of the background, behind the scenes things these Pastors are doing,  are amazing! Not all of them partake in the arguing and the drama. Others are just all about their ‘Father’s business’ and increasing the kingdom whether through music, outreach or innovative evangelism and I think it’s all quite inspiring and encouraging really.
2. Follow Jesus!
Although sometimes the shows makes Christians look as though we are all a bunch of fakes, shows like this help you know that Pastors and Preachers are human!
Some people blindly follow the ways of their favourite pastor or preacher without checking what they’re actually saying, or lining it up with God’s word. However, seeing into these people’s lives reminds us the only person we ought to follow is Jesus. We are all human. No matter what pedestal you’ve put Christian leaders on, we are all human & fall short daily. We mess up and make mistakes all the time, no matter who we are.
3. You get to hear about the WHY
If you’re nosey like me you’ll get to understand each of these people’s stories and the reasons why they do what they do and where they have come from. I think in order to really understand why people, it’s important to have an understanding of their history. People go on to make remarkable changes to the world we live in because of what they’ve been through. For example, one pastor, who is also a police officer, stated he had become a police officer because of what he saw growing up in a rough neighbourhood. He just wanted to make a change saving and impacting people’s lives, both spiritually and physically. How awesome!
So yeah, there are definitely bad things to say about shows like these, especially when they show people within the Christian circle in a negative light. However, I just wanted to highlight some of the good that can be taken from shows like these because, surely, there had to be some good. None of us are perfect but we have to do our best at highlighting God in our lives on a daily basis. We can’t try to be something we are not and neither can we hide the person He has made us to be.
Precious x