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5 Things I’m Grateful For This Morning

1.My job
I wrote in a previous post about my turbulent summer and the job that I lost, so I really have to give a major shout out to God for blessing me with a job just in the nick of time. Not only did he bring a job before rent and bills were due, he brought one with lovely colleagues and the opportunity to grow. I’ve learnt so much in the past month and have met such friendly people, I really have to give God thanks.

2.Living so close to the Thames
I get a bit soppy when it comes to London, but I have a real soft spot when it comes to the Thames. God gave us such a beautiful planet to live in, and yes the weather isn’t always amazing, but I think Planet Earth deserves some appreciation once in a while

3. Pret’s ham and cheese croissant
Cannot tell you how excited I am to have breakfast on the train. Round of applause for Pret who never fail to bring satisfaction.

4.My friends
I know everyone thinks they have the best friends ever, but firstly, it’s not a competition, and secondly, I actually do! To everyone who continues to call when I don’t call back and comes to visit when I don’t have the energy to leave my house, I salute you. Don’t think I could have made it through this year without the friends that God has placed in my life and for them, I’m truly grateful.

5. Not missing my train to Coventry
This may seem small but when you spend your week running along platforms and praying you make it on the right side of the train doors before they close, it always feels like a mini miracle when you’re on time. Warwick here I come!

We can get so bogged down with asking God for the things we don’t have, let’s not forget to give him praise for the things we do#grateful #blessed.


Dani xxxx

Events in April

Beauty Uncovered 05/04/14 This event has passed

logoThe Inner Attitude invites you to a fashion show with a difference. Every woman is beautiful but sometimes the issues of life can cast a veil over our true beauty. Come and be a witness and discover your true beauty through fashion.

Divine Experience 07/04/14  This event has passed

1779870_491244290981148_13417677_nWoman With a Purpose invites you to their next Divine Experience evening. We know it’s not easy to bare our scars, wounds and hurts, but the reality is, they are already evident in ways that we may or may not realise; through our personality, opinion of oneself, and relationship choices. They seek to give you a safe platform to bare all and allow God to penetrate your heart and soul.

Putting The Fun Back Into Fundraising 07/04/14 This event has passed

Put-the-fun-back-into-fundraising1Help raise precious funds for the terminally ill in South Eastern Europe with great food, drink and dance! Ayse Asim will be providing entertainment on the night with fun Latin Zumba Dances and the opportunity to participate.




Urban Island Kitchen 13/04/14 This event has now passed

1240420_449377685192358_2003447825_nUrban Island Kitchen is a monthly Christian Hangout with very affordable Mauritian and Antiguan food and a live Gospel DJ playing the Latest Urban Gospel music. Go and feel at home at their kitchen (you can even take off your shoes!) Don’t miss out on the opportunity to feed the soul with good food, good music and great company! See you there.


Gifted Expressions 19/04/14 This event has now passed

971280_10152360241496118_7888024490352885647_n (1)‘Gifted Expressions’ is specially orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, for the glorification of God above all things. The purpose of this movement is to establish a platform where individuals are able to minister to a diverse crowd using different God-inspired talents that has been placed upon their life. This event will consist of poetry/spoken word, drama, testimonies, worship and a brief word of exhortation by Apostle Elijah Israel Chanak of Qadosh Kingdom Movement to bring spiritual awareness to the body of Christ.

A Woman’s Sacred Calling 26/04/14 This event has passed

EWC 2014 - Promo Flyer (updated)Come and be blessed at the Empowered Woman Conference 2014. What are you doing about the younger generation of females rising up around you? Do you have enough in you to teach them how to live a sacred life?  Are you pouring out the nuggets that are so needed to nurture their growth and teach them how to soar like an eagle?  Are there opportunities of growth in you that should be tapped so that you can be effective for the next generation? The Empowered Woman Conference 2014 theme is a call to women to clean out, put first things first, get into God’s order so that you can grow higher and pour deeper into others who need meat and not milk.

Brain Health Conference 2014 26/04/14 This event has passed


One of its kind, this conference will be addressing three major issues:

  • How to keep your mind healthy and potentially delay the onset of dementia and memory loss
  •  Is the Church equipped to manage mental health?
  •  A Christian approach to managing mental and emotional health

Come and acquire the tools to maintain optimal mental health using a Christian cognitive approach.