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5 Things I’m Grateful For

30285-What-Are-You-Grateful-For-Today-My job: Similar to my other half Dani, I managed to lose my dream job this year. I didn’t do anything wrong, it just happened…kinda. During that time I used to pray with everything within me that things would work out and my dream job would stop being the job from hell. Things didn’t work out in the way that I hoped they would; I knocked on that door until my knuckles bled but it refused to open because God wanted me walk through the door He had positioned at the end of the corridor. A lesson I learnt this year: Sometimes God will give you the things you didn’t even know you wanted. Through my new job I have been able to find my ‘calling’, that thing I was created to do. I’ve always wanted loads of kids (six) because I have so much love in my heart to give and I need to put it SOMEWHERE. Through this job, I give love to many different people every single day and I am able to make an impact. I am right where I am supposed to be, right in the thick of God’s will and I am eternally grateful for what I had to lose to get here; it was worth it.

My health: It’s been an uphill struggle but I can finally eat without being weak/ nauseous/throwing up/bloated/being bed-bound. The testimony is a blogpost in itself (I’ll probably never write it) but GOD KNOWS how much this means to me. I tweeted about my desire to be ‘normal’ again more than I prayed about my condition but God saw my heart (and my twitter page) and made my dream come true. I’m not completely fixed but I am closer than I have ever been. Praises to the MOST HIGH, LOVE YOU FOR THIS ONE; YOU HAVE REALLY OUTDONE YOURSELF!

My new hair: If you know me personally, you know that I change my hair every 6-8 weeks. I don’t mean I get a touch up/new hair, same style. No, I literally change people every time I do my hair. Short, long, curly, straight, dreadlocks, weaves, wigs – E V E R Y T H I N G. At the moment I’m doing 14” of straight hair that has a natural bounce and does not tangle or shed. All the praise belongs to you, my God.

Getting back together with my first love: Sorry to all of you who thought I was referring to a man (man, what man?!) I am actually referring to Jesus Christ. This year has been turbulent and, at times, I’ve drifted away from God, neglected our relationship and focused on mere beings more than Him. Over the past month, I’ve been running back to Him, reading the Word more consistently and speaking to Him about everything. I love that God cares about the little things, I love that He cares about the details. I love that I can by myself with someone without fear or judgement. His acceptance is all that I really need; I lost sight of that this year and I’m grateful that I’ve finally managed to shift my focus from those around me to Him once again.

The changes I see in myself:

  1. This year I made a decision to get fit. Before my goal would have been to be a size *insert any number below 10 here* but now I have a healthier view on…life?. Will do a post on body image very soon – it’s a big part of my story. Anyway, I’ve been gyming all year and I can finally see results. BOOM. I’ve also realised that what is inside (the state of my heart)is what I should be most concerned about, not whether I have abs or not.
  2. I went to see a play by myself a couple of weeks ago because I realised that I don’t need a plus one, I just need a travel card. Seeing another play on Monday and it’ll be me, myself and the Holy Spirit.

What are you grateful for today?!

Let me know!!

Joy xxxxxxxxx