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Why We Should All Come Out of the Darkness


There is something quite disheartening about people not practising what they preach. They’re at the ready with advice and guidance when you share details about your life with them (and even when you don’t) but you are yet to see these pearls of wisdom make a difference in their own. The situation becomes abysmal when not practising becomes not even believing. I’m sure you’re thinking of that friend you know that fits the bill I’m describing but have you considered looking a little closer to home? We make claim to so many things when we’re at a church service or with the Christian gang, everybody’s telling there neighbour and ‘can I get an amen-ing’ in agreement with all the things we’ve learnt about our faith, but when the church bubble is popped by the real life bubble, how much of that church lingo is still standing strong in our minds?
I’ll jog your mind with a few examples:

‘We are blessed to be a blessing’

‘My God will supply all my needs’

‘In Christ I’m a new creation’

‘I cast my burdens onto God, because he cares for me’

‘I do not have the spirit of fear but the spirit of love, power and a sound mind’

‘Christ’s yoke is easy and his burden is light’

‘I’m not doubting because of what I can see, but trusting God because of what I can’t’ 

‘Who Christ sets free is free indeed’ 

We can be a pillar of faith and full of solutions when we’re ministering to our friends in need, but how often do we go home, carrying the burdens we’ve encouraged them to lift up, struggling to live a life that’s different to the one we lived pre getting saved and wondering how we’re going to make ends meet.

On Saturday our very own Joy put on her very first play in a theatre and reminded the audience that we have got to start believing the things that we roll so easily off our tongue when we’re with our Christian crew. Out of the darkness creatively explored the belief most Christians share that we are free in Christ however don’t live in freedom because we are bound by the sins we aren’t ready to forgive ourselves of. Yes we can preach that Christ saves and he forgives, we will continue to encourage friends to forgive others, but yet we live in constant unforgiveness of ourselves. 

As we explored the lives of two young adults at different places in their faith but both bound by sin, the message hit home that so many of us are not experiencing the freedom we’re supposed to have in Christ. I went to the theatre expecting to see a play about people coming to Christ as a life without him is usually described as one in darkness, but I was intrigued to discover how aptly the metaphor of darkness fits the place so many of us live in when we just can’t let go of the things we have done. We can all look at our sin and feel that we have really gone too far this time or we just keep doing the sane thing and can’t keep expecting God to forgive us, but that just isn’t true. God’s forgiveness is unconditional and ever present, he lets it go the moment we ask for forgiveness, so we have to follow suit and do the same.

Whatever you have done, you are free

No matter how you feel, you are free

If you’re worried you’re going to do ‘it’ again, you are free

When you gave your life to Christ, you walked out of the darkness into his all encompassing light. Don’t live a life bound by sin that God has long forgiven you for.
Love lots 
Dani xxxx

Events In May

Hair awareness in the Black Community 03/05/14 This event has passed

hair awarenessThis is an event not to be missed! Free Refreshments will be served throughout this event and a Wide Range of Natural Hair Products and accessories will be on Sale. JOIN US, To address the core issues for afro-Caribbean hair , so that you can discover The True You! Remember Your God given hair is your natural beauty, so let us be proud of it. Looking forward to seeing  you!

Famine for the Word Gospel concert 05/05/14 This event has passed

famine for the wordKenny Kenny brings to you: Famine for the Word Gospel Concert
On: Bank holiday Monday 5th may 2014
From: 5pm-10pm
At: Kervan Banqueting Suite
293-303 Fore street, Edmonton, London,N9 0PD

Special international guest artists: Jason Mighty and DJ Nicholas from Jamaica

Don’t miss out!

Family Secrets- Christian stage show 23/05/14-24/05/14 This event has passed

family-secrets-426x285When was the last time you went to see a play? On the surface, the Matthews family seems fine. Ruth is looking to start a family with her husband of four years, Naomi is preparing to marry the man of her dreams and Zach has just graduated from university. But beneath the surface of this happy Christian family lurks a darker reality. Following its successful UK tour in 2011 – 2012, Family Secrets returns to London for another run in May 2014. SVG Productions use drama in an exciting and creative way to address a range of social issues. They produce high quality stage plays that challenge audiences from all walks of life.

The Father Heart of God 24/05/14 This event has passed

father heart of GodHave you ever wondered what God thinks of you? Is it hard for you to believe He loves you as much as the Bible says He does? God is so big and He sometimes seems so distant – but what is He really like? Do you really know Him? You’ve heard His instructions, but do you know anything about His emotions or His character? One of the most wonderful revelations of the Bible is that God is our Father. What do you think of when you hear the word “father”? Do you automatically think of protection, provision, warmth, and tenderness? Or does the word “father” paint different kinds of pictures for you? In this workshop Phil Webb will lead us in exploring the truth about the character of God as Father, and His true heart for His children. This course is a must if you know God’s love in your head, but struggle to receive God’s love in your heart. This is for MEN ONLY

Love in Action 24/05/14 This event has passed

love in actionLove in Action will be a day where Christians who hunger for more of Christ and have a desire to be active in their day-to-day walk with Him, will come together for praise, worship, prayer and open, candid fellowship. Maybe you are at the beginning of your walk with Christ or maybe you have been walking with Him for some time. No matter what your background – even if you are yet to encounter Jesus, Love in Action is for you.

We will discuss the following topics amongst other things:

  • How to develop a relationship with the Father. Know Him, know His heart and know the joys of serving Him
  • Developing a hunger and thirst after the things of God and not only His hand. Women and men who are worshippers.

See you there!

Israel & New Breed  Tour 2014 26/05/14 This event has passed

united praiz 2014Israel and the New Breed are coming to London on their 2014 tour. Israel Houghton is prolific worship leader, musician, songwriter, producer and recording artist. His music ministry has spanned 22 years and includes work on over 50 albums as an artist or producer, 19 awards and countless accolades. In 1995 Houghton formed New Breed Ministries Making an impact by overcoming cultural and denominational barriers, Israel assembled a group of world-class musicians and singers to create a new sound that revolutionized the sound of contemporary praise & worship music. Come and discover why his music is so award-worthy!