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Why You Should Beat The Battle Against Procrastination 


Over the years I have carefully perfected the art that is procrastination. Some of you reading may chuckle at this point and argue ponint blankly that procrastination is not an art form but I beg to differ. It really does take a certain kind of skill to continue putting off tasks when a deadline is looming ahead, and if you are ever in the vicinity of a chief procrastinator, the outcome is usually quite thought provoking. Well maybe it’s just the procrastinator who ‘s left thinking and kicking themselves that they’ve allowed themselves to leave everything to the last minute again. Either way, someone is pondering and evaluating the effects of procrastination. 

Right from the jump I have been putting off doing tasks that didn’t sound appealing. I remember being 4 years old and closing my eyes on the sofa so my parents wouldn’t feel the need to order me to bed because they’d think I was already asleep. A few years later I was delaying doing my chores, before moving onto avoiding homework which soon became avoiding doing the set trading for my degree. The list goes on, and with it begins a long list of consequences. Every year of my degree when I’d just finished a week of less than 2 hours sleep per day, I’d promise myself that I wouldn’t procrastinate the following year but yet find myself in the same predicament. It’s quite sad when it stops me from achieving things I desperately want to happen. Why must I wait till I’m too scared to get on the scale because all my clothes have become extra tight before I stop eating cake for breakfast and pizza for dinner?! I have let my inability to get things done unless they’re desperate to stop me from making life easy for myself. Recently I realised I have been procrastinating with my purpose and have decided that change has got to happen. 

A long time ago I felt like God told me what I was supposed to be doing with my life, and since then I have left it on the back burner to the point that I owe God an apology. Initially, my excuse was that I was too young and I would get started pursuing God when I got older. As I’ve gotten older the excuse has been, I’m too busy with my 9-5 to get started trying to pursue the job God has for me, whilst recently I’ve felt too unworthy to possible do the work of God and have left a note on my purpose that reads ‘revisit when holy.’ Whichever excuse I give, it all comes down to procrastination and feeling like tomorrow I can make a start tomorrow which as we all know, never comes.

Enough is enough. I wasn’t ‘worthy’ of my purpose when God gave it to me, and I’m no more ‘worthy’ now. We do not earn our purposes and our daily acts don’t make us any more holy than the next person. It’s the Christ in us that makes us righteous and nothing we can do will make us more worthy in God’s eyes. So where does that leave me?

If I’m ever going to walk in my purpose I’m going to have to make the sacrifice that my love for procrastination has stopped me from making. Some things just have to happen now, and surrending all to God and pursuing him wholeheartedly is one of those things. For everyone who is delaying doing that thing you know you should be doing, put your phone down and do it now. Don’t let laziness rob you of your time and don’t let how you see yourself rob you of your purpose. You may not be perfect but run with your scars and God will heal you along the way.
Love lots

Dani xxx

Basic Philosophy: I Watch Film Therefore I Re-evaluate Life


I’ve always found it quite amusing when people classify the whole of society into just two groups. You must have heard them say:

“There are thinkers and doers’


“You’ve either got brains and beauty”


“There are leaders and followers”

They sound quite catchy as slogans but what do they actually mean in the tangible sense? Can’t people that think also follow their thoughts through with actions? Are the prettiest people in the world the least intelligent? Even leaders are following someone! These ‘observations’ reveal their irrelevance one you try and see where you fit in. You try and compare your intelligence to your appearance and end up stumped. You wonder who in their right mind would ever classify themselves as a follower. I’m not even going to bother with the first one because it’s so abstract and nothingy it can’t really be trying to make a claim about real people in the world.

So why do we do it?

Apart from the people just trying to appear to have deep philosophical thoughts, I reckon it’s because we see something in others that we don’t quite see in ourselves and assume others must share this divide. Last Thursday was my moment. I went to watch the premier Handle with Care and alongside being thoroughly impressed, I watched the credits roll thinking ‘wow, some people are pursuing their passions’.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. (‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29‬:‭11‬ NKJV)

God has done pretty amazing things in store for us, but it’s pretty much down to us whether we run towards our destinies

So leaving the wishy washy life observations aside, let me give you some philosophy 101. You have premises and all those premises need to add up to the conclusion.

Premise 1

We all have a purpose

Premise 2

It is impossible to die both having completely fulfilled your purpose and having not fulfilled it

Some people will die fulfilled and others will not.

I don’t about you but I intend to strive after everything God has for me.

ThankYou Lord for giving me things to hope for.

Love ya

Dani xxxxx

The Day I Went Completely Blind


If one more person asks me what I want to do with my life I may just have to go into hiding. (It’s either that or start a fight and seeing as I’ve never had a fight in my 21 years of living, hibernation seems the safest option). Firstly It’s a really unfair question, why would I be any closer to figuring out life just because I’ve graduated?! Secondly, it’s rather intrusive, why do you want to know my 5 year plan, what ideas are you trying to steal? And lastly it’s really unbelievably annoying. Every time someone asks I pause and take a slow steady breath as I figure out how to best put ‘I haven’t the foggiest clue’ in the most creative way. I used to offer, “I see myself in strategy in the distant future”, or “ultimately I’d like to consult charities”, but now I’ve given up trying to convince people that I know what I’m doing and reply with “something that pays my bills” until the other person changes the subject. Shoot me for not having direction but I really am tired of pretending to know where God is taking me.

When I was running my own life A.K.A the time before I met Christ, I could tell you exactly what I wanted to be, but one day I gave it all up (decided to follow Jesus) and the clear path in front of me went from being a fuzzy haze to a pitch black hole. When I was 11 I started to lose my sight, and here’s my version of the benefits of living blindly.

1)You don’t always have a clear sense of direction

I was one of those children that could tell you exactly how their life would pan out if everything went according to plan. From the age I was going to go to drama school, to landing my first major role, I could even tell you when I was going to get married and let having children interrupt my thriving career. Then I gave my life to God and my tune slowly changed. It went from adding ‘God willing’ at the end of sentences about my plans for the future to, actually asking God for life direction to letting God plan my day. I’d wake up having agreed to spend time with particular people or honour invitations to events and when I’d lay my day before God to see what he’d got planned his response was something along the lines of “oh you thought you were going to be doing x, y, and z today… lol nahhhh”.

Now when people ask me where I see myself in 5 years time I want to reply, God hasn’t shown me that far ahead, and be done with the questioning. I think there’s a thin line between waiting to hear what God has to say on a matter and using waiting on God as an excuse for being lazy but we can’t let that put us off seeking God’s face daily.

2)You have around 0% control

Have you ever played that game where people are in pairs, one person is wearing a blindfold and the seeing person has to lead the blind one to a destination with just the sound of their voice? If so then you know what it’s like to live according to what God is saying via the Holy Spirit. No matter how tired the blindfolded person is of following and how much they want to be in control, it would make no sense for them to start giving directions. I think we forget that God can see the future because when he’s telling us to turn left, even though we’re busy wearing our blindfolds and so can’t actually see what would be best for us, we decide to chip in and convince God that we should be turning right.

The amount of times I’ve ignored God because what he was saying seemed illogical and then after realising that he was right had to repent, I’ve given up thinking I know better than Him. ( I know, why would I even think that in that in the first place?!?!) What you lose in control, you gain in the certainty that God knows what’s best.

For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord . ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope. Jeremiah 29:11

3) You’re forced to live by faith and not by sight

So there’s pros and cons to living blindly but even when things seem like cons as points 1&2 do, the overall result of living blindly which trumps everything is that: You become completely dependent on God. When you’ve stopped relying on what your eyes can see and started listening to God’s voice it doesn’t make sense to stop listening half way through the directions and decide you can do it yourself. I think it’s because we have such tendencies to take over that God doesn’t reveal every step of the journey before we begin. Knowing us we’d assume we knew better despite the blindfold we’re wearing. Of course everyone likes direction and feeling like they’re in control of their own lives, but handing the keys over to God and sitting in the passenger seat mean you’re being taken care of by the king of kings, lord of Lords, creator of the whole world, alpha and omega who can see your whole life and wants what’s best for you.

And the Lord said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”
And Moses said to him, “If your presence does not go with us, do not take us up from here.Exodus 33:14-15

Moses didn’t want to go anywhere where God wasn’t going to be and we can learn a lot from that. For some of us, the way we make decisions is by asking “how much money will it make me” or “what are the chances of receiving an opportunity like this again“, but what about asking God what he wants? Nobody wants to end up half way down a path and realise that they’ve gone in the opposite direction from God’s plan.

Following God does feel a bit like you’ve lost all sense of the vision you once had but what you gain is so much more than the pleasure of knowing where you’re going: knowing that God is with you.

Love ya like yam and corned beef stew

Dani xxxx

Why Am I Still Single?


I’m not sure whether this has happened to you before, maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t. If it hasn’t, I’m going to to set the scene for you:

 Your friend invites you to a gathering and to your surprise it’s not completely boring – in fact, it’s becoming the best night you’ve had in a long time. Conversation is flowing, everyone is having a great time and then the person you’re talking to you suddenly says:

 You’re so great – why are you still single?!

This startling (and arguably offensive) question reminds you of the not-so-subtle hints and questions you’ve been receiving in what were once safe environments.

It all began the year I graduated from university; I noticed that when the women from my church would pray for me, ‘a god-fearing husband’ was suddenly on the menu of blessings. From that point onwards, I began to notice a shift in other areas; young women I had known for years would drop sentences into our conversations such as ‘so when I get married’, wedding ideas were casually being thrown into discussions and my Facebook newsfeed became an array of engagement rings and relationship status updates.

What was going on? What had I missed?

Let it be known that I had no real problems with weddings (except that they were long and there was rarely enough food for everyone). Even though I wasn’t really sure why people were so excited about marriage (if it was so easy, why were there so many divorces?) my main concern was the assumption that because I was a woman and above the age of 21, I should be seeking a man to settle down with.

There is a deep-rooted cultural and religious belief that we are somehow completed when we meet our life partners and that this is when our lives truly begin but this simply cannot be true. As a Christian, our lives begin the moment we surrender to Christ and true completion can only be found in him. He is the One, our soul mate, our true love – and all those other mushy western concepts.

It is so easy to get sucked into that weird world of ‘waiting’ but before I jumped on the eager-to-be-married-bandwagon, I decided to ask myself a few questions:

 Do I believe I have an individual purpose?

God created me with wants, needs, hopes, dreams and most importantly, a purpose. Now while I believe that some of our purposes can be linked in some way to other individuals, I also believe that if our purpose were completely dependent on another, we would have been born in twos. Since we were not, I am forced to conclude that… wait for it…there are things that we have to accomplish as individuals and certain parts of our journey that we have to walk alone.

Am I lonely?

Loneliness is an issue we don’t really like to talk about because it makes us seem weak, feeble and needy, but it is a state that a lot of us experience – some of us experience it every single day. Every time I am lonely, I begin to question how far I am standing from God. It says in the Bible that God will never leave me (Deuteronomy 31:8) so whenever I feel alone instead of reaching for my iPhone, I do my best to reach out for him because he is always there.

 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

John 15:13

Real, real, real talk: if you are Christian who is constantly jumping from one relationship to another because you desire constant communication and validation, I urge you to look to God; the one that stays and never leaves (Joshua 1:5) and the one that does not forsake (Deuteronomy 31:6). I hope that you will also come to see the finished work of the cross (John 19:30) as your constant source of validation. Remember that there was a man that loved you enough to lay down his life for you in the hope that you would one day come to love and accept him. He loved you even before you could love him. If that doesn’t make you feel just a little bit special, I don’t know what will.

Am I seeking to be the perfect spouse or am I seeking to be like Jesus?

Okay, I get it; you wouldn’t try and sit an exam without revising (unless you’re me and it’s GCSE time) so yes, it is important to prepare yourself for marriage. However, the Bible speaks more on striving to be like Christ than it does about journeying to become the perfect spouse.

For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps.

1 Peter 2:21

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

Ephesians 5:1-2

Every time I feel like I am getting somewhere with God, I inevitably become complacent; a day will pass where I haven’t set time apart for him or a situation will arise where I respond inappropriately. There is internal work to be done and there should a constant movement towards the person God called me to be because that it my ultimate goal.

Have I forgotten that there is a time for everything?

There is no rush and there is no decree that I must be married by *insert arbitrary age here*

 For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Doing things in my own strength and my own time usually has disastrous consequences. Sometimes I’ve got to shake myself and remember that I am  worth having and that my spouse will be worth the wait.

This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.

Habakkuk 2:3

I know that my stance isn’t a popular one at the moment. I should be telling you to wait patiently in your bedroom praying, hoping that the One somehow finds your address and knocks on your front door but that would be poor advice. There are many other Christian blogs which will detail heavily ‘what to do while you wait’ and that’s great, it really is, I just feel that we have shifted our focus and have begun to idolise marriage. This is deadly  because it will never live up to our expectations or withstand the burden we are placing upon this sacred union. There are many more important things (outside of marriage) to be achieved and seeking God about those things should not be neglected whilst you ‘wait’. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but life revolves around Jesus – he is the One.

Your Single Pringle,

Joy xxxx

The Day I Accepted Death


Given up/giving up/considering throwing the towel? I’m going to tell you about the day I gave up on life and hopefully you’ll realise that you don’t have to.

I remember this day so vividly, I’d accepted that I was going to die and I  was wholeheartedly at peace with the situation. There wasn’t a huge evaluation about  the pros and cons of my life where I’d decided that there was no point in living any longer, I just didn’t have any fight left in me and I wasn’t ashamed to hold my hands up to my fate.

So let me set the scene. I’m 8 and I’m on a trip with the Brownies…

(I’ll deal with your questions now)

“You gave up on life at 8?! Are you going to tell us a heart-wrenching story about an abuse-filled childhood that’s going to bring me to tears”.

No! you don’t have to brace yourselves for heartache

 “What’s the Brownies?

If you don’t know about the Brownies, I can confidently say: You missed out bro! (Bro in the generic non-gender specific sense of the word, because if you are a boy you missed out on Brownies by default.)  Brownies is this ultra-cool club, full of talented  young women with bright futures ahead of them who liase every week about how to craft their futures. Okay, that might be a slightly embellished description.  All you need to know is that Brownies was fun, we played games, sang campfire songs, and every so often went on field trips. On the day in question ( where I nearly let life slip through my fingers) we just happened to be on one of these field trips.

(I hear your sigh of relief) yes I have finally started telling the story.

So picture 8 year old Dani, just about to step off the coach and enter the Kids Dream (for parents who weren’t about to buy a ticket to Disneyland )AKA Guilford Spectrum. For those who haven’t just had a sudden influx of memories about their great times at Guilford Spectrum, I shall explain. Guilford Spectrum, is an all singing all dancing, land of fun where you can swim, bowl, and go ice-skating all under one roof. Today we were there to swim. Only problem was…  I couldn’t swim. Brown Owl (the big boss lady in Charge) was stood at the front of the coach and was asking for anybody who couldn’t swim to raise their hand. You can imagine my horror. So many things were running through my head.

Should I confess?

Why is she only asking this now?

I’m not about to be embarrassed in front of all my clique and admit I can’t stay afloat

Maybe if I confess, I won’t get to go in the pool

Ok, decision made, I’m staying silent.

We’re all faced with those crossroads in our lives where we have to make life-changing decisions. Little did I know that I had just come into contact with my first crossroad.

Can I just say now that I wasn’t a complete disgrace? I’d stand in shallow end and move my arms and legs in a swimming-esque fashion and so I at least looked like I was swimming. Everything was fine until I got brave. I think I was having such a good time I’d forgotten that I was living a lie, and this ability to swim was yet within my reach.

This is when disaster struck.

I was standing in the middle of the pool, not quite deep, but far enough away from the shallow end to be resting on the tip of my tip-toes. We were having a blast, the wave machine came on, and I had actually begun to fall in love with this swimming thing. I was just about keeping my head above water, when out of nowhere someone nudged me into the deep end. I didn’t quite know what was happening until the horror of not being able to touch the bottom of the pool with my toes set in. For a split second I thought ‘wow, maybe this is it, maybe I’m swimming,’ but when I looked up and realised the water was above my head, that’s when it hit me that this wasn’t swimming, I was drowning…

Of course I was practical at first. I allowed myself to sink all the way to the bottom so I could kick off with some momentum and hopefully reach the top. Plan settled and put into action. I was kicking with all the energy I could muster, only then I realised my feet could take me no further and the waves were still above my head. I tried not to panic. I thought second time lucky, and I’ll be ok. So again sunk and pushed off from the pool floor, battling to get to the top. Still no success. As I looked up at the ceiling of water that I couldn’t quite break through, and my lungs burned in my chest, in that very moment I gave up.

This is it.

Today you’re going to die, and that’s ok.

I was so at peace with everything. I had tried and failed, and just patiently waited for death, until I felt two arms envelope me and drag me out of the water. As I resurfaced spluttering and and gulping in the air I had been deprived, I couldn’t quite believe my luck. I was going to die that day, I was so close to it, and yet no, Brown Owl had come to my rescue, giving me the second chance I had completely given up upon.

So many of us can use my swimming experience as a metaphor for our lives . Let’s imagine the coach trip part symbolises the time just after we gave our lives to Christ, or even just a time where our relationships with Jesus felt amazing. Everyday feels like an opportunity to basque in his presence and the devil gets so sick of watching us enjoy, he decides to dangle a decision in our faces. I knew I couldn’t swim, I knew I had no place being in a pool but I wanted to have fun so badly, I let that cloud my better judgement. So back to us, temptation has just been dangled in our faces, but we’ve convinced ourselves that somehow we won’t be affected by the environment we’re allowing ourselves to enter. I don’t know what your vices were when you got saved but let’s imagine its getting drunk. For you, jumping in the pool would be the first time you step into a bar after you’ve made the decision that you’re not going to fall off the wave again (fall of the wave= get drunk and have to repent.) At first I was having a whale of a time, everything was going smoothly, and so are you; everyone is drinking around you, and you still have your wits about you as you’re sipping on your second drink. It wasn’t until I got nudged that my world came crashing down. For you, I guess this would be that one drink too many that sucks you from the land of sober and you arrive in the land of drunk. You might not be falling over, but you know that you have completely lost control and your heart sinks as you realised you’ve failed.

Too many of us are happily living in the moment where I settled as I patiently waited for death. You’ve tried to stop sinning, you feel like you’ve made every effort and yet you just can’t seem to break through into living righteously, so you assume God is done with you, and wait for death.  To everyone that is drowning, hear me out; it’s not over. Your purpose doesn’t end when you make a mistake, or even continue making them. The day sin stops ruling your life is the day you accept that you can’t live right without God. It’s only by his grace that righteous living becomes our day-to-day. You’re so used to living below the bar God has set for us that you’re at peace with it, but God is just waiting for you to change the attitude in your heart so he can envelope you in his love and drag you out of where you are, into where he’s called you to be.

No matter how bleak it is, until you breathe your last: it’s not over

I believe Brown Owl dragged me out because my purpose on this Earth hadn’t yet been fulfilled. Even if you feel like you’ll never be able to come out of the sins you’ve been committing, you must not give up. As long as you have a purpose, you have a reason to fight for the life God wants you to have.

Your God is faithful (1Thessalonians 5:24) and it’s not over.

Love ya

Dani xxxx

5 Things I learnt From ‘Your Beautiful Purpose’



Why I chose ‘Your Beautiful Purpose’

I literally googled “good books for Christian women” and loved the front cover. I obviously checked ratings and reviews too!

My decision to read more Christian books was inspired by a few of the young women I follow on Twitter who are always reading and stretching themselves via Christian literary. I loved reading as a child (I would read while walking on the street and in the dark with my phone as a flashlight lol) but as I got older, it got easier to watch online series than engage my mind with the words others had written. This year I decided that I needed to learn more about my faith and I began to read again.

Initial Reactions

From the outset I was like ‘WOAH’. I read the first couple of lines and I knew it was a book that was going to speak to my heart and challenge my perspectives. Admittedly I got lazy and didn’t read it as regularly as I should have but when I did pick it up, this book brought me to my knees. It felt like every sentence was anointed and needed to be remembered, and so I went about highlighting every profound sentence (which is basically half the book). I’ve got notes on the pages like ‘THIS’ and ‘FAM!’ and it looks more like a colouring book which means I probably won’t be able to lend it anyone without feeling like they’re reading my diary.

5 Things I learnt

1. God Lets Bad Things Happen

I know it’s a tough realisation to come to terms with but it is the truth. I’m sorry if you thought God was going to ensure that your life was filled with only happy moments. Sorry, wrong God. God will let the storms rage but he will hold the umbrella! He will let people come into our lives that seek to destroy you but he will provide you with boxing gloves! That’s the kinda God we are dealing with.

God uses difficult times to help us grow and I have learnt that if we don’t go through tough times, we stay the same. My sister sent me an amazing article about the times in life we grow the most (sorry, I haven’t got the link!) and it is when our backs are against the wall and we are truly broken – that is when we begin to grow again. We are forced to dig deeper and as a result, uncover a new floor of ourselves. God uses the storms in our lives to reveal to us the depths of our character.

Romans 5:3-4

And that’s not all. We also celebrate in seasons of suffering because we know that when we suffer we develop endurance, which shapes our characters. When our characters are refined, we learn what it means to hope and anticipate God’s goodness.

2. The Power Of The Cross For Me… And Them

It’s so great this whole forgiveness thing, isn’t it? We do bad things, we say sorry to God and then boom, it’s gone (Romans 8:1) . I love it. But what about the wrong others inflict upon us?

“As Christians, we must accept that the things done to us, along with the things we’ve done, are together on the cross”.

Susie Larson

If I truly believe in the power of the cross to cover my sins and my wrong doings, then it follows that the cross also covers the wrongs done to me. This means, that thing you’re doing where you’re not talking to someone and actively hating them every day because of something horrible they did to you last year? Yeah, that has no place here. If the cross covers you, then it covers them too. And I’m not saying you must go and make friends with every single person that has wronged you, I am saying that you should forgive them and let it go. The pain you experienced should no longer be the thing you think on day in and day out. Move on.

3. You Can Be Used

You don’t have to be strong, beautiful, freakishly intelligent or charming. You just have to be you. That is enough. I read yesterday “you can’t be anything you want to be, but you can be everything that you are meant to be.” You are enough. You haven’t got to be a spiritual worrier, speaking in tongues and healing the sick before God uses you; you just have to be available.

4. Comparing Yourself

Is deadly and shouldn’t be done. The grace and gifting upon each of our lives is so different, how can we begin to compare ourselves to one another? I want to do a separate post on this so I won’t rant and rave too much here but what this book taught me is that whenever we see someone with something we envy, we should convert that envy into a prayer. We should thank God for blessing them! Yeah, it’s no easy feat but it is very possible.

Comparison is dangerous. I try not to wish for what others have because I have no idea what they had to go through to get it; good things never come easy! This point is also linked to my previous point – you are enough. Stay in your lane. Fight your fight. What is yours will always be yours. Constantly looking to what others have will only cause you to look disdainfully at your own life and that is not a healthy road to walk down.

5. Engage With God (Daily!)

We have got to set time apart every day for God. Yesterday’s word is not enough especially since we can get a fresh word, enjoy new mercies and experience his grace all over again today. If we stop engaging with God, when people around us have problems, we will find ourselves giving bland, albeit true, advice.

‘God will pull you through’

‘God has a plan’

‘Jesus knows what you’re going through’

Your friend is in dire need of a fresh word from God – which God would have readily given to you if you had bothered to engage with him that day. We need to cultivate a living and breathing relationship with God if we are going to be wells that can be drawn from in times of need. We need to be open with our own struggles and the times God has helped us during similar situations so that our friends can begin to connect with our story and our God.

Sidebar: And yeah this whole ‘call me if you need me’ – that’s not a real thing anymore (this is me talking, not Susie Larson). I am so done with this ‘call me if you need me’ culture. If your friend is in need, YOU call THEM because they need YOU. Don’t shift the responsibility and say ‘well, I said they could call me and they didn’t so I guess everything is okay’. Everything is not okay, be present and take care of your friend.

God is inviting us to walk more intimately with him every day, to know him, to serve him, to trust him but how can we do that if we are relying on last year’s revelation and forgetting to incorporate him into our daily lives? We need to become dissatisfied with where we are and reach out for more.


Quotes I loved

“I can look the part of the Christ-follower and miss the heart of Christ amidst all of my action”

“Whatever God showed us last year, or even yesterday, He has something better, something deeper, and something more profound to show us today”

“It’s not enough to go through the motions”

“He’ll only work with us to the extent that we give Him access to our soul and permission to change us”

“Over time your choices either promote you or exposes you”

“What we do in secret from day to day seems of little consequence, but in due time those small hidden choices either reveal a life of discipline or sloth”

“Where’s my focus? What do I replay in my head? His promises or my problems?”

“We don’t have to be theologians to be mighty in God. We just need to be present with Him.”

“The more we spend time with Jesus, the more we’ll get to know His character and understand His ways”

“When spiritual coasting sounds like a wonderful option, we really need spiritual conditioning”

“Jesus cares about our eternal impact, because how we live or don’t live today resonates with us into eternity”

Would I read it again?

Yes, yes and yes. This is a book that you can read at different points in your life and each time, learn a new truth. Written with the deepest sincerity and love, I can only ask that God would bless Susie for being a vessel and writing such a beautiful book.


What did you learn?


Lots of loveeee,

JOY. xxxxx

My Battle With Phone Anxiety Disorder


Signs that you may have Phone Anxiety Disorder (PAD)

Before and after calls do you…

  • feel extremely anxious when making or receiving calls?
  • delay making phone calls due to anxiety?
  • worry about bothering the other person?
  • worry about what you will say?
  • worry about embarrassing yourself?
  • avoid making calls or have others call for you?
  • obsess what was said after calls?

Do you want to know something almost-but-not-actually-funny? I thought I was being witty by creating the term ‘Phone Anxiety Disorder’ until I googled it and it came up and I could relate to ALL the symptoms! I’m sure if my Mother reads this she will roll her eyes, laugh and ask me ‘is there anything you are not afraid of?’ Truth be told, I had always been a bit nervous when making calls, even when I was much younger. I don’t know what it was about speaking to people over the phone that filled me with dread. Face-to-face interactions were a piece of cake but even having to telephone a doctor to book an appointment could easily cause me to break into a hot sweat. My heart would beat faster, I would stutter and I would feel embarrassed without (in hindsight) any real cause.

A few weeks ago I shared about what I learnt after I got my heartbroken and I mentioned that the first time I got my heart broken, I was 17. During that dark time, I stopped speaking to a lot of people – I had two friends who I spoke to every day and everyone else was unintentionally demoted to associate status. As aforementioned, I had always been uncomfortable on the phone but now there was a dark cloud lingering above me which made sure that all phone conversations were avoided. I could text you, that was fine! But a call? No, that was out of the question. I watched my phone ring day after day until eventually people stopped calling – which was a blessing. No longer did I have to dodge calls; it was as though there was an unspoken agreement between my friends and I that I just wasn’t a ‘phone person’ anymore. Yes, it caused problems with one of my two friends (lol) but it was something I was adamant about: I didn’t want to be called unless there was an emergency. Even when making new friends, I would let them know that calls would probably never be feature of our friendship, this was merely one of my quirks and that they needed to accept it if we were to function.

Calls made me fearful. Calls made me nervous. Calls made me uncomfortable and to be quite frank, I just wanted to be left alone. 

I want to say that as soon as the heartache season passed, I suddenly became phone-friendly and confident, able to speak on the phone at will. Unfortunately, even though my depression passed, the fear of calls stayed. Obviously as the years passed, it was more of a preference than a fear but it was still a niggling obstacle that needed to be conquered. Thankfully, life managed to forced me out of my comfort zone and even though I still roll my eyes at calls, I am no longer filled with fear, only curiosity. If I don’t pick up, it’s because I genuinely have no desire to speak to you.

Earlier this week I received a call from a number that wasn’t stored on my phone and in times past, I would have intentionally missed the call because of my PAD. This time, I picked up and engaged with the person (WIN, WIN, WIN). After the call, I began to think about the way that God calls us and how these are the most important calls we will ever receive. It doesn’t just come once, it comes over and over again until we sit and listen; he calls until we pick up. That’s what I love about God, he’s not a whoops-soz-you- missed-the-call-therefore-you-missed-me-and-your-blessing- kinda-God, he is an I-love-you-so-much-I-am-going-to-keep calling-you and keep putting you in situations where you have to do that Thing you do so effortlessly until you realise that this is your gift to your world.

I know it’s not cool to say God ‘calls’ us in the day and age. It’s totally cool and quirky to believe in a ‘higher power’, ‘the universe’ and different types of ‘energy’, but belief that there is a God that can call each and every one of us is often met with raised eyebrows and suggestions of a psychiatrist. But I do believe that God has tasks for each of us to complete during our time on earth which he makes known to us through various moments which are all linked to an overarching purpose that he has for our lives.

Before your insecurities and disbelief (boredom?) make you click the X on the top right hand corner, let me give you some truths:

You are important. You are significant. You matter.  No, you weren’t an accident. You make up piece of the puzzle that has been in the works since the beginning of time. Life can make us feel like we don’t have a place, like we don’t fit but that couldn’t be further from the truth. People will also attempt to diminish our bright light that shines from within – don’t let them. You have an incredible part to play. You can be used. And I know being used has negative connotations in our world, but what an honour it is to be used by the Most High God. When I am used by God to do his work, I am never cast aside or left empty and broken because he has taken everything and left me to recover on my own. Instead of the brokenness that is often felt after humans have used me, there is an overwhelming sense of peace and purpose as I begin to see more and more the power that lies within me to achieve greatness.

Unlike some of my fellow Christians, I do not think there will always be disastrous consequences when we miss a call from God. It’s like if we missed the call of friend who had a spare ticket to the Beyonce concert (God forbid I ever miss such a call). It could have been amazing; we could have met her, sang into her microphone and sat up in V.I.P drinking that sweet juice all night but what ‘could have been’ will always be a mystery. I think it’s a bit like that with God. He wants to use you; he is always calling you to do great and marvellous things but if you don’t pick and respond, he’s not going to make a car hit you on your way home from the place you chose to go to instead. You just won’t have experienced one of the amazing moments God has for you. Yes, there will be others. But that one? That moment with Beyonce on stage? Yeah, it’s gone.

I want to experience every single moment God has for me. The Bible says that we can taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8). I want to taste! I want to see the goodness of the Lord while I am alive (Psalm 27:13). So often it gets hard seeing other people walk in their calling while we are barely managing to stand in ours but God could be calling you in this very moment:

Calling you to begin a relationship with him

Calling you to recommit

Calling you to give him more of your time

Calling you to forgive someone

Calling you to write, to sing, to help, to serve, to lead

The call may seem bigger than you and anything you could ever accomplish on your own but that’s okay – it isn’t bigger than God. You have to pick up. Don’t be crazy like me and ignore calls because you are full of anxiety and don’t cover your light with that blanket called Fear. Step up to the call and be bold knowing that God will only call you to a place where he already is.

I still don’t like calls. I don’t like texts and these days I even forget that I have Whatsapp but I’ve stopped ignoring God’s calls. Those are calls I cannot afford to miss.

Ephesians 4:1

Live a life that is worthy of the calling He has graciously extended to you.


Joy xxx